Not since the Sims…

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I like to walk down to the corner laundromat and buy it from their vending machine. Sometimes something comes over me and I want to call it Grape Pop but I quickly regain my composure and get on with life. It’s so refreshing!

Better than my high school prom (easily.)

089052809Ooh, my head changed shapes and then my hair grew!

Anyway, this dance IS the pinnacle of months of planning, not only on my part but also with lots of help from our partnering schools, students, teachers, and my ever-awesome coworkers. Plus, you need the raddest group of senior adults to make an event like this any fun, so I’d have to say that in the end I had very little to do with its success. But I’ll gladly credit Prom with every ounce of stress and ache and exhaustion that my body is feeling right now, so I’m going to click publish, brush my teeth, and check into Hotel Bed for tonight. (Which is not a hotel, just my bed.)

Thanks so much to everyone who helped tonight!!!

As a dog.


So we think we can dance.

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First of all, that was the Jonas Brothers we were dancing to. I have finally heard them and I see what all the hype is about! (I AM JUST KIDDING!)

Second, I don’t know who has the video, but we are pretty much halfway serious about starting an internet reality show called Cousin House. Look for this dance and others on our very first webisode! (It always starts out as a joke, and then it happens. Family Band?)

Saturday doings.


Space Change.

085052209 Something I’ve been paying extra attention to lately is how comic artists change space by using different visual clues. Obviously we can tell when a face is shown close up because it is larger, it fills more of the picture plane. But also there tends to be more inclusion of detail. Or, by the converse, that detail is lost in a medium or wide shot, which results in cute little dot eyes and much simpler shapes. I kind of like those little dot eyes, but in a close shot they can look ridiculous. I first noticed it years ago when I was reading Craig Thompson’s Blankets. His medium shots feature dot eyes, and then there was this page where he suddenly cut to a close up of the main female’s eyes in stark detail. It was gorgeous. But I mean, it was Craig Thompson.

Well, anyway, it’s fun to play with this stuff.

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