(I’m trying to host all this on a google site, so I’m not sure how many downloads they’ll allow.  If you run into any trouble just leave a comment or email me and I can send you the files.)  To download, right-click on any song and click “Save Link As.”


Cousins – a sing along

This is an album my brother and I recorded (September – December 2008) as a Christmas gift to our family. We made one original song for each of our cousins, and one song for our sister and brother-in-law. Download it!

Cousins – a sing-along (full album)

1. Emily
2. Joey
3. Adrian
4. Clayton
5. Derrick
6. CJ
7. Meagan & Rod
8. Laura
9. Alyssa
10. Tyson
11. Rachel


The Art Table

On Myspace

On an indefinite hiatus, this was my garage pop band with my friend Holly. The fruit of our labor, Beneficiaries, is now available as a free download! Holly plays guitar, I play drums, we both do some singing (Holly more than I).

Beneficiaries (full album)

1. Dust It Off
2. Diana
3. Dog Bite
4. Shipwreck
5. San Andreas Fault
6. Zombie Song
7. Mabel
8. La La La
9. Now and Then
10. Chapter One (+ Road to Nowhere)


Family Band


“”The family band is about efficiency, accountability, and responsibility.” – Emily

1. The Dismal Truth (Regarding your quest to find Waldo)
2. Everybody has a future
3. Heads

The Bees Knees EP

1. Bees Knees
2. Ektelon
3. The Landing
4. Hillbilly Love Song


1. Doormat
2. Little Boxes
3. Nervous System

8 Responses

  1. Emily is such a great song! My friend sent me this file, and I absolutely love the track. Thanks for all the musical inspiration.

  2. the cousins songs are so full of love and fun stories.

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  4. […] given you one already you should request it, but better yet why don’t you just download it here? There are 11 tracks, so sorry if it’s a hassle to download them separately. If you’d […]

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