Behold the hipsters.

Another goal I’d like to accomplish this year, the Year of Drawing, is to learn how to illustrate, specifically how to color digitally. Here’s one I worked on tonight… lots of room for improvement. I’ll color this picture again at the end of the year, how about, and we’ll see how much I’ve learned. Behold, the hipsters:


Happy fictional bald man, decapitated friend.

No time for drawing comics this weekend, but I did paint a little:

guy and girl2

It’s not finished, but since I only make time to paint about twice a year anymore, I don’t know that it will get much more finished. Nevermind the glare from the flash. Also, never mind that the image makes no sense. This started out as a painting of my friend Kelsey (the upper head) and I couldn’t get the composition right so I did what any painter would do and threw a big ol’ bald guy in the foreground. And left Painted Kelsey (who looks nothing like Real Life Kelsey, but that’s what we’ve come to expect of me) without a body. Poor Kelsey.

Art versus Art.

I think I need to verbalize this. Because flying around in my head, these thoughts are only making me crazy.

Tonight I lost any confidence that I had in myself as an artist. Don’t be alarmed, I do this frequently, and for different reasons. Continue reading

The Quickest Way.

Just had our second Animarathon at Kyle’s (animation marathon… zing!) and I felt moved to share this super short cartoon I did a few years back (2006).

In all things, an amateur :)

She used to be a painter…

Hey, many moons ago I used to make paintings. Next Friday some of those paintings will be on display as part of a multi-artist showing at the Ikon Gallery.

My friend and neighbor Drazen is putting this on, and graciously invited me to put some work up. For a split second I thought I’d be able to crank out something new (I learned of this about a week ago, so you see it wasn’t much time) but I’m comfortable showing some older work, since I’ve only had one show in Madison.

Art Show @ the Ikon Gallery
2716 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI 53704
Opening reception:
Friday, May 15, 6:30 – ???

The show should be for a month and will feature work by about a dozen artists. If you can’t make it to the opening, stop by during business hours!

If you’re in town, please stop by!

A few bits of news…


I feel like I never write in this blog anymore because I’m always drawing dang comics. Thank God for the occasional bits of news so that I can keep the ol’ typing fingers in practice.

A few things:

I’ve added a Links page. After I did this I took my links, or, “blogroll,” off the sidebar but it looked naked so I put them back there. But links will be categorized and explained a little more on the Links page.

There were a few links I wanted to highlight here, though, as long as you’re reading. Continue reading

Oh, just some animals.

Today I went to the zoo with my friends Charles and Sujin. We saw a lot of different animals peeing. :) It also reminded me I never posted these characters I drew last month for a friend of mine. They were some of the first works to come of my then-new brush pens!


So, one of those guys is an emu, and emus look a lot like ostriches, and there is this one ostrich at the zoo who just spends the whole time biting and snapping and pecking at the fence. He’s awesome. And freaky.

Perhaps the first time the title comes close to fitting!


1, 2, 3, Get off my father’s apple tree.


Couldn’t resist the request.



Eff Why Eye.

Last night I dreamed that I was in an art supply store and ordered a Pentel Brush Pen, with refills. I think this means I need to just go ahead and do it (I’ve been dragging my feet because of the enormous shipping rates from Dick Blick). That’s all. Just an announcement.

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