Pointless and neckless.



Some new characters.


Sunday afternoon field trip.


She said they would, as long as you bought two of them!

Friday’s Set List

If anyone was really interested, here are the songs we played on Friday:

1. A song our friend Andrew wrote (don’t know the name of it!)
2. Ektelon
3. Tyson
4. Long Dark Road
5. Decatur (Sufjan Steven’s cover)
6. You Are What You Love (Jenny Lewis cover)
7. Shipwreck (my friend Holly’s song that we used to play as The Art Table… sorry you missed that one Molly! I can play it for you on Friday :)

(That’s not a typo… Holly and Molly are different friends… I have multiple Holly/ees and Mollys…but each one is special!)

I’m no James Kochalka.

James, the American Elf, is pretty disciplined when it comes to his daily comic. That means, if he plays a rock show that lasts late into the night and doesn’t stumble home until 3am, he will sit down and draw his comic. Last night Shawn and I played a set at Mother Fool’s, and even getting home at 11 I was dead tired. I sat down to draw, remembered I had to get up early this morning to set up a volunteer group, and opted for sleep. To make up for it, I’ve got a 4 comic post today AND some photos from last night.




My friend Jason took some awesome photos:




Thanks to everyone who came out to see us last night! I had a blast, and would have probably choked if not for seeing the smiling faces of my friends in the audience :) And the rest of the music that night was awesome (Kelly Carrell and Macabret).

And then there was today…


Also, happy birthday Reem!!

Got me walking, at least.


Under my umbrella (resisting the Rhianna quote!!)



No comic today. It was laundry night, PLUS we had to practice for this:


Come see us! Also, if you’re pulling your hair out (pun!) trying to figure out the answer to yesterday’s multiple choice comic, the answer is: A. Just a trim. Sorry Reem.

Multiple Choice-Cuts.


My pens are here!


Like all things new, they will take some getting used to. I feel a little bit like a traitor to my trusty old Papermate Flair (that I had previously been drawing the strip with) but maybe I’ll stick with them for lettering a bit, until I can get the hang of these.

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