Wimpy biker.


The 3 in 3D? 3 dollar 3D fee!


I still consider The Incredibles my top Pixar movie, but this one was up (ha!) right next to it. Probably because I prefer movies which star my own species, or at least something from the animal family (as opposed to little talking cars, of course.) And digital animation viewed through 3D glasses is freakishly lifelike, and freakishly awesome. Freakishly worth the three extra bucks.

Happy fictional bald man, decapitated friend.

No time for drawing comics this weekend, but I did paint a little:

guy and girl2

It’s not finished, but since I only make time to paint about twice a year anymore, I don’t know that it will get much more finished. Nevermind the glare from the flash. Also, never mind that the image makes no sense. This started out as a painting of my friend Kelsey (the upper head) and I couldn’t get the composition right so I did what any painter would do and threw a big ol’ bald guy in the foreground. And left Painted Kelsey (who looks nothing like Real Life Kelsey, but that’s what we’ve come to expect of me) without a body. Poor Kelsey.

Little pieces of my soul.


HanSOLE and Gretal? Okay. I’m putting a voluntary cap on all puns until further notice.

Paper or sarcastic?


(Appearing and then disappearing? WordPress can be so WEIRD!)

Get to know yr government!

I recently commented that I’ve given up reading books without pictures. Some may have thought I was joking, but yesterday I checked out a book from the library that solidy supports my theory: Why not use pictures??

Please bother to borrow, buy, or otherwise acquire this book:

The United States Constition: A Graphic Adaptation.

I feel like I’m back in 7th grade social studies. Coincidentally, that’s when I started drawing comics!

This book is fantastic. And with less than two weeks until Independence Day, you could stand to brush up on the philosophies that gave birth to our nation and that strangely living document that continues to shape us.

Driving under the INKfluence.


I can’t help it. Sometimes the puns just pour out of me.

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