25 Albums

I wrote this for facebook, but since it took forever I think I’ll share it here too…


If I understand this right, we’re supposed to list the 25 most important albums in our life, whether or not we are totally embarrassed by them? All right, here goes…in humbling chronological order. (This list is totally predictable, I know!) albums

1. Anne Murray – This was probably a greatest hits album or something, I don’t remember, but I remember loving the song “Even though we ain’t got money, I’m still in love with you honey…” There was a house in my friend’s neighborhood whose mailbox said “Murray” and every time we went by I thought of Anne Murray. About 15 years later I would become friends with one of the Murray girls who lived in that house, and she confirmed that there was, in fact, no relation to Anne.

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Double frustration…


It’s double frustration because it’s a comic about being frustrated with one bit of technology, and it took me a frustrating half hour to get it posted on this lousy internet connection!

Would have been better on my bike.


Drink your last drop!


Since nothing really happened today…


Two new things which are not comics.

Comics will be back tomorrow! Again, I’m out of town with no scanner, and also no spare time. In the meantime, I’ve added my painting/drawing gallery to this website (thanks Arek for your help!) which you can find by clicking the tab at the top labeled “paintings.” (In case that wasn’t obvious.)

Also, I’ve enabled comment threads! I’ve been wanting this for a while and wordpress just introduced it. So all this means is you can now leave comments on one another’s comments and have little comment wars and such (like all the annoying commenters at the Onion AV Club!) It will be great fun, I assure you.

G is for Grandma, G is for gracious.

A few weeks ago -when was it?- I wrote a short eulogy for my cat PJ. It was heartfelt, I loved that cat, but it seems a little bit strange to follow it so soon with a real human eulogy. If you didn’t catch the news from this week’s comics, on Monday my Grandma died. This week my comics were a shallow testament to some of my fondest memories, shallow not because the individual memories were weak, but because in their richness they left thousands more untold.

There is a time for pictures and there is a time for words, and I feel like it’s only right to finish the week with a few such words. If I can find them… there are no less than 6 million thoughts floating around in my head as I start this. How do you remember a woman who has been so completely interwoven in your life, since before your memory was even formed? But okay, let’s try it. Continue reading

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