Capitol PUNishment (OH!)


Dana, you’re the bomb. Photos here.

And with that, I’m going on vacation through August 9th. See you then!

So close phonetically (but I was looking for Kristy Thomas).


From inside a box.


Facebook tester…

Easel Ain’t Easy on Facebook



Well, technically I made the mistake a couple weeks ago but we only found out about it today. I was much harder on myself than my superiors or anyone else was. Why do we get like that? More importantly, how did I get to work with such nice people???

Okay, so, another lesson learned. Measure twice, cut once. And check your email attachments before you send them!

Pick on someone your own size.


Meant, or…

Actually, I kind of miss writing like this. One of the projects in my periphery is a revamped website, and I think I’d like to seperate my daily comic from my blog, so I could feel free to write whenever I want without fear of crowding my vision for my daily comic. I can be quite the purist.

Here is what I kind of wish: I wish I had gone to school for illustration. Right about now I have at least ten thousand questions as I get ready to start illustrating my book. I have questions about materials, about process, about technique, about the industry. And for the most part, I don’t feel like I have anywhere to go with those questions. I wish I had a comics mentor, I think. I can learn a lot from books and blogs devoted to the craft, but there is nothing quite like having a person who can walk along side you and help to guide you through the experience.

So, how do I go about finding that?

Hiding the office in the studio.

They’ve started showing our apartment to potential renters. I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but I’m moving. Anyway, before they started taking people through, I decided to pack up my home office which was located on our kitchen counter, next to the sink, where our frinternet signal was the strongest. I thought it might look a little tacky to have a computer, scanner, wacom tablet, hard drive, and other office miscellany spread out where there should be toasters and cookie jars and a Slap Chop. So as long as our home is on display, I’ve kept my scanner (etc) in my studio, where one might say it belongs, and can’t really be bothered to move it all back and forth to scan my comic. Which means I haven’t been drawing my comic. Which means I haven’t been drawing at all (yikes).

So that’s my latest excuse! I’ll hopefully get back on track soon, although July and August are incredibly busy for me, so comics may be only occasional. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t listened yet, check out my brother’s songs!

Take Your Money (to download, right click>”save link as”)

More here.

Meet Rachel.


Is that a Bob’s Bad Breath Burger I’m eating? Oh yeah.

Meh. More like Okay Buy.


3 days, 4 trips, and over 50 miles to and from Best Buy later, I’ve finally got my new computer :) And I’m writing this message from… my old computer! I don’t have any of my software set up on the new one yet, and I’m just not comfortable putting that new beauty in my home office, on the counter next to the kitchen sink, where water and food tend to splash around.

Thanks to everyone who patiently listened as I ranted about this! In Best Buy’s defense, I did appreciate the partial rebate.

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