Halloween costume idea: Fried Hard-drive… scary!

I spoke too soon: my computer is dead, dead, dead. It is gone. I’m less upset about losing all of my files (I have much of that backed up) and more worried about how I will begin writing my novel on Thursday (tomorrow!)

Now I have a third expense to weigh. Hawaii, crown for my tooth, or new computer? Suggestions are welcome…

Aloha novacaine?

I’m trying to decide if I would like to have a crown put on my broken tooth, or if I would like to fly to Hawaii this winter. It would cost about the same amount of money. I know it shouldn’t be too hard of a decision, I mean, Hawaii? In February? Come on now, it pretty much chooses itself. But I haven’t done anything about this tooth since it broke about a year ago…

I can be really dumb.

I thought my computer was dying, but really it was just loaded with files beyond what is healthy for a nearly three year old laptop. So, not really wanting to invest the time and effort it would take to carefully backup all my files and purge my hard drive, I just did a bit of random deleting. Presto, 12 gigs of space freed up! But oh, oops, all of my iTunes downloads gone. I’m trying not to think back on which albums I had downloaded and now lost, because that just makes me sad. But then again, it simplifies things. Who needs a music library anyway?

Why Commisioner, it’s a comic!

I’ve been living in Madison for over three months now–Madison, one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the US–and only today did I go for my first bike ride. It was nice. Short, but nice. I didn’t wear a helmet, which was stupid and reckless of me, and in exchange I
wore a baseball cap, which is exactly the way my last major bike wreck came about (reaching to stop my cap from blowing away). I didn’t crash, today. Today I rode my bike to the library to feed my newest habit, which is reading. I checked out three books: a collection of stories by Capote, and two graphic novels. I sat at a bench on the edge of Lake Monona and started reading one of the graphic novels, but after a while I was cold, so I went home to finish it. It was a big disappointment, especially coming from one of my favorite authors. I won’t name the book or the author, but maybe you can guess. The second graphic novel was a waste of time. I won’t name the book or the author because I can’t be bothered to check. It was so bad. But who am I to criticize any published graphic novelist? They’ve accomplish something that I probably never will, and that’s not me being pessimistic, that’s just the likely truth. I can hardly finish my monthly comic strip by deadline. Here, this month’s:

Did you notice the lack of a punch line? When I was young I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes in comics, but I thought that was because I was young and the people who made the comics were older and smarter. I thought that the comics must have been funny or why would they get published–it was a bit of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” phenomenon. I wouldn’t let on my stupidity.

Am I banking on that naked emperor now? Would anyone read “Plager*ized” and actually laugh? Does anyone even remember Calvin and Hobbes? I think the above comic is funny, at least. I get it. That is my new thing. Writing comics that are little inside-jokes to myself, and hoping enough people laugh out of fear of looking ignorant. Our little secret, okay?

Does it?

Friends, I am very excited to begin work on a new novel. I haven’t given more than a fleeting moment’s thought to a plot–partly because I would like to keep as much of the process within the month of November as I can, and more because I am terrified of coming up with a plot.

And what if I don’t have a plot, hm? Will the world end?

The world has already ended. It ended on September 11th, didn’t you know that? I feel like the world ended on September 11th, 2007. That is how I feel right now. Pretty pathetic huh? I’m not above pathetic, I won’t lie. Turn the page, turn the page. (What?)

This blog is full of a lot of junk that doesn’t make sense, because this blog doesn’t matter. I am going to try to cut a lot of that junk out of my hypothetical November novel, because I would like to go in with the assumption that my hypothetical November novel will matter. As for this blog, it doesn’t matter and it probably won’t ever matter, so you can look forward to a lot more junk. But probably not in the month of November, because I will be busy writing my masterpiece. You know. (What?)

Whatever, okay?

Nobody needs a plot, life happens anyway.

Here is what I think: life happens anyway.

Maybe I will enjoy this dental procedure afterall.

Maybe longtime readers of this blog will remember a time last year when I wore a pink shirt to work, and nearly clawed the skin off of my face as a result? Well today I wore turquoise to the same effect. It’s strange, because I would have thought I could tolerate turquoise on my body, but it turns out I can’t. It’s not quite as debilitating as pink, but it’s close.

Also today, my cell phone broke into two pieces. It was hanging on by a thread for a while, but today it finally bit the dust. I was really looking forward to breaking it in half myself, in a kind of redemptive celebration after canceling my phone service forever, but phone, it seems, had other plans. Phone, it seems, would take even that satisfaction away from me.

There is one week left before NaNoWriMo kicks off. I could start a countdown. I remember another moment in blogging history (oh, to reminisce!) when I counted down to the day I got my braces off. Thinking about that makes me feel very grown up. Thinking about that makes my looming crown seem like a trophy: Here, you are an adult now! We will cap a tooth and hand you the bill!

Thinking about that is kind of nice, actually.

Waste paper.

Today I scraped tiny glow-in-the-dark stars off of the ceiling of a childhood bedroom. They drifted to the floor and formed a scattered constellation of outgrown youthful whimsy, perhaps as distant as Andromeda and Ursa Major.

Waste paper.

“Your darkest days will become your brightest nights.” Thus uttered the former inhabitant of said childhood bedroom. He is now an adult. He is a shining star.

We are all stars, aren’t we?

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