Sonic Ghost Cat.

125090109Watch a live version of this song… but beware, you’ll have it in your head!

So close phonetically (but I was looking for Kristy Thomas).


Facebook tester…

Easel Ain’t Easy on Facebook

The Hair Cute

hair cute title

View full comic here.

So my friend Gwen cuts my hair, and accepts lattes as a barter. The last time I had my hair cut, though, I thought I’d throw in a comic for good measure. Starring Begonia, Ray, and little Arty.

Earth Day tall tales.

061042209Oh, and that tree story is real. But you probably already heard about that.

Under my umbrella (resisting the Rhianna quote!!)


Burn, burn, burn your life down.


Does our apartment smell like a Laser Tag place now? Yes. It does.

Mom used the opportunity to remind us to locate our fire extinguishers.

The art last night.

Last night we held the opening to On Her Plate at The Project Lodge, featuring the art work of Carolyn Gaska. I’m still a little bit overwhelmed by how great everything turned out, and by how many friends and art lovers came to see the show. It’s really humbling, and leaves me with these good feelings that are a little hard to describe right now, even after 24 hours have passed.

Fortunately our friend Reem wrote a great summary of the show, which I highly recommend you read here. I’ll put pictures up too, once I get them.

Thanks to John and Deb, Carolyn’s wonderful husband and daughter, for all of their help getting this show ready. They were the stars last night, and I’m sure Carolyn would have been so proud of them. Thanks to Laura and Reem and Linda for their help setting up yesterday. Thanks to Christopher, Kendra, and Molly at the Project Lodge¬† who were just great to work with. Thanks to everyone who came by to see the artwork – your presence and your interest meant the world to us. And last but far from least, thank you to Gwen, my partner in crime planning this thing… I love that we were on the same page from day one. As Cheryl would say, You Rock!

Gwen, Deb, John, and Breena (photo courtesy of Reem)

Gwen, Deb, John, and Breena (photo courtesy of Reem)

On Her Plate is on display at The Project Lodge gallery (817 E Johnson St, Madison, WI) until Thursday, March 19.

Eulogy, part five.

017022009Nehemiah 8:10… A few years ago Grandma made a wall hanging that bore these words. She lived them.

Wait a second…

What am I complaining about? It’s like 45 degrees out right now. Gas is incredibly cheap (just filled my car for $25!) I have a plane ticket to San Diego. And, whether or not I’m able to get excited about it, once upon a time Jesus was born. Cool!

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