Another week?

Okay. I have to take another week off of comics. Not because I want to, but because everything I own is getting packed up into boxes this week, if it has survived the cut at all (I’m getting rid of lots.) The primary problem is that my drawing stuff and scanner are no longer easily accessible. The secondary problem is I don’t have an ounce of free time this week, getting ready for the move and finishing things up at work.

In case you get tired of piecing things together through infrequent and often-cryptic cartoons, I’ll just be forthright for a moment. I’m moving to Portland, Oregon. For a while at least. To work on my graphic novel full time, to continue this daily comic which I’ve become pretty fond of, and to have a handful of new adventures. Why not? I’m young. (That’s a common response I get when I tell people my plans, and I love it.)

In the weeks between when I move out of Madison but before I move to Portland, I’ll be in a strange little creative limbo, in which I hope to finalize some sort of layout for the first set of pages in my book, and also, more immediately visible, I hope to work with one of my buddies to come up with a remodeled website. I think I’m ready to self-host. So stay tuned for that, and occasional updates, and maybe I’ll post a few little drawings or stories here to tide you over until I can get back on schedule. Thank you so much for reading this, and my comics. Your eyes make it worthwhile.


4 Responses

  1. i’m so excited for you!

  2. Any class work involved? I remember many moons ago you discussed pursuing further education in Oregon.

    Best wishes on finding inspiration to write, paint, draw or do whatever creative inkling burbles to the surface!

  3. I am missing you already and you haven’t even left! I hope to be one of the many many at your going away bash tomorrow (wow … it is almost today).

  4. siiiiiiiiiiigh. I will miss you so much but think of you often sitting in some cool coffee shop being an artist

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