A few bits of news…


I feel like I never write in this blog anymore because I’m always drawing dang comics. Thank God for the occasional bits of news so that I can keep the ol’ typing fingers in practice.

A few things:

I’ve added a Links page. After I did this I took my links, or, “blogroll,” off the sidebar but it looked naked so I put them back there. But links will be categorized and explained a little more on the Links page.

There were a few links I wanted to highlight here, though, as long as you’re reading.

Arek Miaskowski – My friend Arek has been carving his nitch in the web-design (and sometimes print-design) world, and is pretty much my faithful go-to guy for all questions tech. He works with a lot of non-profit organizations, and has even offered his tuteledge and consulting services to our agency!

Jason Marx – I know I just linked to Jason’s page last week, but he is putting new content up all the time. Really slick looking photography. My favorites are his live music shots, his action shots (skateboarders and snow boarders) and his graffiti shots, but there is something really beautiful about his still life work also.

Designs by Hahn – My sister’s brother-in-law designs some rad logos. These could stand alone as pop culture icons, but imagine having your entire sports team or company branded by them! You’d be the starter jacket that every kid in the 90s wanted to own!

Accepted Not Rejected – This is my friend Len’s blog. Len is one of the most encouraging people I know, and his blog holds true to that. Essays cover spiritual topics with an emphasis on prayer and scripture. If you visit, see if you can guess what Len’s favorite color is!

Love is Concrete – I’ve posted links here before too, but I’m not sure if I explained what it is. The site describes itself as “rallying and developing community activators through story, play, and song.” (I would dare to add art, into that description.) In short, it’s a social networking site for creative people. There is emphasis on a Creator, but I’m sure you’re welcome even if you don’t believe in that.

Special Report From the Joke Shop – My friend Tea Krulos writes some really great stories inspired by his day job at the Brady Street Pharmacy. He’s currently working on a cell-phone novel called “Schwedded Wheat.” Super funny story delivered in digestible little chapters (both on his blog and his Twitter).

This is How I Will Get FamousLast but not least, my friend Reem writes essays inspired by her daily life, and fortunately for readers, her daily life happens to be pretty hilarious (it can also be really poignant, touching, charming, etc). Her latest entry about the 9 year old piano student’s will and testament is a perfect example.

What else, what else? I thought I had more news. Oh well, I guess this is enough.  I’ve forgotten how to write.

Be merry!

3 Responses

  1. Oh wow dude, thank you! You are the best – seriously, nobody has ever said anything like that about my writing, and I REALLY appreciate it! And you! I appreciate you! Thank you for being so wonderful! xxoo

  2. Lots of love in this post. I now need to go check out all the stuff your people are doing!

    thanks for the encouraging words as well :)

  3. Breena … You are a pretty darn good encourager yourself you know! :)

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