Weekend in paragraph form (Second Edition).

It was one of those weekends that is almost too overwhelming to write about. So I better just write about it, or it will go forever undocumented, it will be in the past, and eventually forgotten.

No, I can’t. Too much happened. I can’t even write about it. But I’ll give it to you in one breath:

Drove to Milwaukee, Emily made me dinner and taught me how to wear makeup like a real woman, Molly and Arek joined me for burritos, Molly hosted a very exclusive art show, met up with Holly, took a bus to Chicago, the bus driver was crazy and held us hostage, K and N gave us a place to rest our heads and the confidence to take public transit, JENNYLEWIS was unbelievable, drove to Green Bay, the Art Table Reunion show was sloppy but fun and Rebecca, Shawn, Anthony, Andrew, and Andrew came which was awesome but unfortunately Rachel came two minutes too late so we got some pancakes afterward and I didn’t really sleep all weekend long but that’s what Tuesday nights are for.

But if I can repeat one part of that for emphasis, Jenny Lewis really was unbelievable. I’ve been able to hear her sing live three times now (once with Rilo Kiley and twice on her solo tours) and she is maybe the one person I’ve experienced who sounds even better live than she does recorded (and recorded she sounds pretty dang fantastic). It was a little strange watching the Secular Queen singing in a church packed full of hipsters, but it was mostly just great. Here is what I gleaned from some Youtube scavenging:

(These are from the show I was at, but I didn’t take them)

A new one:

An old one:

A cover:

In other concert news, I’m going to see Tegan and Sara in Minneapolis which I’m pretty excited about, and I’m thinking I might need to see The Dears when they come to town. Before Jenny it was well over a year since I’d been to a concert. I need to make up for lost time.

(Never said I’d win an award for the writing in this post, did I?)

(Photos by Molly and Shawn)

4 Responses

  1. Yes! Photos by me! Now I’m an artist too. (or just really tired.) glad to see I made your single breath description of the weekend… and I hope tonight is ready to offer you tons of sleep. ;)

  2. yay! so so glad I was a part of it! you are a damn good time kit

  3. hey, that rss thing didnt tell em about this one.. sounds like a fun weekend! I ll check those videos out when im not at work, or probably later while still here..

  4. […] Church | Chicago, Illinois | September 19, 2008 – This show was partly great because of the adventure that surrounded it, but it was mostly great because Jenny Lewis is great.  I’ll say this […]

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