So said beneathe a sweatshirt.

It was a drizzley, grizzley day, but more than that, it was cold.  It’s the kind of day that would depress me to no end if it occurred in June, July or August, but somehow in September it seems to slip past me, escaping the abuse I would normally have for anything below 75 degrees and sunny.  And anyway, I spent some time last year defending the winter as something charming and novel, if not wholly enjoyable.  Who am I anymore?  Post-California winters have done less to damage my spirit.  And in fact today, once I got over the initial shock of the drop in temperature, once I resigned myself to a long, hot shower and then curled up on the couch with a blanket, I caught myself looking forward to winter, as if it were my  new guilty pleasure.  Who am I anymore?  I’m looking forward to the day that our landlord turns the heat on and my bedroom turns back into an incubator.  I’m looking forward to a scarf and mittens.  Who am I anymore?  This summer was too short, but it was hot enough to make everyone else complain, which means that it was perfect.  I’m done complaining about the weather. Heaven will be 85 degrees with a hot breeze–I’m content to wait for that.

3 Responses

  1. Whatever it was that made you this way, I hope it stays far away from me! But I’m glad you enjoy.

  2. Haha, I doubt that you will ever feel this way, don’t worry. Besides, I need my tropical friend that I can go visit when winter gets to be too much :)

  3. I think this means you are growing up! Or growing complacent…..

    It’s funny, I’ve been asking the same question lately….”who am I anymore?” Lately I’ve been organized, and I’ve liked it. I was excited to reorganize my closet. What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve also been introverted. Maybe it’s cuz I work with people all day, but I just want to hang out by myself a lot (but not too much). Does being afraid of meeting new people make me an extrovert?

    Ok, sorry to make that about me, but I think that question, who am I anymore, is indicative of our age maybe? Even though we’ve been changing for a quarter of a century, maybe it’s finally surprising us? Or maybe the changes are now deeper………hmm…maybe I need to think about this more on my blog………

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