Weekend in paragraph form.

Emily chopped off my hair! (I asked her to.) It looks pretty dang cute, if I’m allowed to say so. Emily also turned 21 this weekend, and to celebrate we drank some homemade Cherry Bounce with our grandma and watched a bad 90’s teen movie with the gang in our grand tradition of watching bad teen movies (or sometimes GOOD teen movies. Aquamarine, anyone?). Emily, if you read this, I’m so happy I got to be home for your birthday! On another day, Holly and I played our old Art Table set for the first time in 10 months. I developed a pretty ferocious blister on my baby-soft right hand, but my drumming was surprisingly all right, considering how long it had been. Not that I’ve ever been a “good” drummer, but I was as consistently mediocre as ever. We also wrote a new song, which we may release on an EP so I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say that the Art Table’s demise has never been more fun. I had my car fixed. It was very loud and now it is very quiet, and it’s also very clean, inside and out (my dad and I did that, not the mechanics). I went to church this morning but with all of the rain my head was in a little bit of a cloud throughout the service. Tomorrow evening I start my psychology class, which maybe I haven’t mentioned here yet, I’m not sure. The collaborative comic project is also beginning to take legs, and I’m officially moving it up on the list of priorities. What all of this means is that I’ll probably be writing even less in this blog than I have been already. Maybe I’ll surprise all of us and update it with regularity, but I’m pretty sure June is going to be consumed with other things. But what will June consume?


4 Responses

  1. holla for Aquamarine! also, you’re hair IS cute. also again, why are you taking a psychology class??

  2. while I’m not sure I can be as enthusiastic about Aquamarine, I can get behind the teen movie. It’s an art form, one which I am hopelessly addicted to.

    I can’t wait to see your hair, and also what June will consume. ;)

  3. so where are the pics, how does the new model of breena look like?

  4. Delayed replies…

    Rayme, thank you for the hair compliment! I’m taking my class because I need 12 credits of psychology if I ever want to enroll in an Art Therapy masters program. I don’t know if I do yet, but I’m taking the necessary steps just in case.

    Molly, teen movies are almost as great as teen (and pre-teen) novels.

    Zoo Rambler (haha) the pics are not yet in my possession. Breena 2.0 will be on display here as soon as I get them!

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