Nothing, okay? Bits of nothing.

Our internet was down at work today. I think it may have been in response to the comment I made in my last post which read, “Can you remember life before the internet? I wonder if we could ever go back to that. Hyperventilation.” It was a little bit like hyperventilation, at some points. But mostly life went on.

Today I opened new checking and savings accounts with a new bank. Before I met with a banker, the teller handed me some brochures outlining the different checking options and associated fees. I developed a slight crush on the gentlemen on the cover of the brochure, but relationships based on checking account literature are almost always doomed to failure so I put the fellow out of my mind.

I’m thinking seriously about purchasing a Wacom tablet. I’m still a little bitter about the whole Wacom phenomenon, because I know in my heart that the idea for a pen based navigation tool was originally mine, back when I was a youngin’ and thought, “Hey, these computer mice are cool but kind of clunky. Couldn’t we do the same thing with the roller ball, but like a ball point pen?” Should’ve gotten a patent.

Speaking of inventions, I need to get back to my NaNoWriMo draft… Speaking of drafts, it’s been windy but so nice out! Speaking of nice, I like you. Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. funny, we lost the internet for a couple of hours a day or two ago.. it was a bit mayhemy, but not so bad (mayhem state is always safe), or at least it didnt fully affect me as I was quite absorbed with many non computer related activities. Even so, I noticed it, more than once, so it was important..,, but who cares.. I just wanted to show you that I finally have one of these pages!!! I opened it since I posted that thing on myspace, but I didnt say anything because I was afraid I wouldnt be comfortable with it or even get to write and then just have it as a testament to my failure.. I feel more comfortable about that now considering I have four posts! one is a welcoming one and the other is the one you already read that I posted on myspace but still.. I haven’t written much as nothing much has happened but being busy, not having much time to experience stuff worth writing about i guess or something, but I’ve written nonetheless and I feel good about it! Anyway, I guess you can click somewhere here, on my link or something to check it out. Talk to you later!

  2. ok… first, the last comment was me, Alex, by the way, I never said so. Second, there was no link there, I thought youd be able to click my name and get to my site, but well, there isn’t such thing. Still, the address is, as you might have guessed already, my name there, so it’d be

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