Of steroids and sugary monster cereals.

All right, I am now going to relinquish any kind of credibility I may have earned on matters of art and culture, because I’m sitting here watching American Gladiators and I am literally on the edge of my seat. I’m trying to convince myself it’s the nostalgia factor, but I don’t know. I mean, it is just so bad, it’s great! And not all that unlike last night’s New Hampshire debates (see, I watch smart stuff too.) Unfortunately for anyone hoping for a thoughtful Sunday post, I don’t have much more. Oh writers’ strike, please don’t let American Gladiators be my new favorite TV show.

Speaking of Nostalgia, I notice that they have re-introduced Count Chocula and Boo Berry cereals to the grocery stores. I was walking through the cereal aisle today and there was a young family standing in front of these breakfast classics, and it’s likely that the mom and dad grew up eating it, and now their kids on their hips are pointing and giggling “BOO berry! BOO berry!” like it is the silliest thing. And, aside from Gladiators, it probably is.

4 Responses

  1. The count never went away! My brother is obsessed with it. Chocula supplies him with chocolatey nutrients for breakfast, lunch and even supper.

  2. Oh, it never went away? I could have sworn. Guess I need to spend more time in the cereal aisle. Are you sure it never went away??

  3. Nope. They still make Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry. Apparently they also had two other characters, Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy.

  4. Wow. I am really out of touch. I never even heard of those other characters. Why do you know these things, are you some kind of wierdo??

    Just kidding!

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