To close with an inadvertant rhyme. (I tend to do that all the time.)

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to just take a vacation to Berkeley, California. So that is what I’m doing, starting tomorrow. I know you will miss my daily-posts, densely infused with wit and insight simultaneously… what’s that? Oh, I have barely been writing a single post every other week? My, but the gig, how it is up. This next part I’m about to say is totally serious though: when I return I would like to make more of an effort to get back to good blogging habits. Perhaps a goal such as, “Ten minutes a day, it doesn’t matter what you write,” and maybe down the road it would become, “Ten minutes a day and it better be worthy of the New Yorker!” or whatever stuffy publication is supposedly good. And then you know what? One day? It will be thousands of New Yorker journalists who will be tugging at their hair in frustration and muttering to themselves, “Ten minutes a day, and it better be worthy of Wear Four Thwart!!”

So for now it’s a so long of the fondest register (and for some readers it is actually a “see you soon!”) and I’ll be back in June!

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